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Pleasure, excover!

Excover is much more than a simple digital marketing agency; We are a family dedicated to building meaningful connections.

We put our heart into customer experience and innovation, because we understand that, today, finding a reliable marketing team is like discovering a great friend in the business world.

We value the desire to learn, question and explore new ideas. We are always with open arms, ready to listen and understand the needs of our customers, committed to helping them make their dreams come true.

We believe that each experience along this journey not only strengthens our bonds, but also leaves a trail of joy in the world, transforming brands into universes full of positivity.

Thanks for connecting more with Excover!


Do you want to embark on this loving journey with us? We look forward to starting this story together!


Founding member

Ingrid Costa

Nice to meet you, I'm explorer Ingrid Costa and I'm happy to know you're here!

With the mission of transforming brands into unique universes, together with Yukie, we founded Excover. 

I have a degree in Foreign Trade, but marketing has always had my heart. I am currently studying my second degree in Advertising and MBA in Digital Marketing. My experience goes beyond digital, I have worked in large companies such as: Karcher, Unilever, Tagout and Lindsay, in the administrative sales sectors,logistics and marketing.

A regular, passionate reader and passionate about Supernatural, today I create digital content aimed at pop culture.



Our mission is to explore the universe of our clients and help them build strong and authentic brands, seeking growth and connection with people.


We transform brands into universes, connecting with people in an authentic and inspiring way, generating significant results for everyone involved.

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